Real Impact

Right focus. Right now.

Real Impact assists businesses with wholesale and retail distribution networks to focus on making changes that deliver immediate growth and higher profits. Real Impact combines strategy consultancy and development with its unique growth and business turnaround implementation framework.

Address the real reasons and practical issues underlying slow business growth and patchy network performance

Implement proven, real–world practices to rapidly improve performance, right across your network

Win real buy-in from business managers and staff to deliver on the key performance targets that really matter

Making top-quartile performance the norm

Real Impact will stress test and benchmark existing strategy, assist with strategy development and conduct an operational audit and analysis. Real Impact will support strategy implementation with detailed action planning and a hands-on change program management that enables clients to transform business performance.

Each Real Impact program is custom designed to reflect specific client needs. For example:

  • Enable business owners to optimise business performance in ways that respect long-term relationships and reward personal loyalty.
  • Leverage improved performance to maximise shareholder value at exit.
  • Support new corporate managers or private equity owners working with incumbent teams to turn around operational performance and realise ambitious growth targets.
  • Drive rapid business growth by making every part of the product distribution network perform as well as its best performing parts.
Quartile performance at present
Quartile performance at after Real Impact

Real world know-how

Real Impact is delivered by experienced transformation consultants who have learnt about driving growth as senior executives with leading national and international manufacturing, wholesale and retail distribution networks.

Real Impact consultants know that change can only happen when people at all levels understand exactly what they need to do, and how they stand to gain.

We have found that clarity, transparency and honesty are vital to build team support for change, and understand the vital role of objective, pragmatic and respectful facilitators in making the transformational process a success.



Proven impact