Rapid roll – out of proven best practices

Real Impact focuses on rapid, network-wide implementation of  strategies and practices that are proven to drive top-quartile performance. Real Impact’s three stage process can be accessed in part or in whole, according to each client’s current needs.


identify current performance gaps compared to strategic and operational expectations

Validate current strategy vs top quartile performance within and external to the business.

Develop an ambitious  growth and/or turnaround strategy to support stakeholder requirements.

Understand and leverage the business’ unique culture and practices.


engage teams to plan rapid roll-out of operational best practices

Having identified key change drivers the next step is to engage those who need to lift their performance.

The planning process needs to be inclusive, supportive and provide high achievers with opportunities for leadership and recognition.

Planning distinguishes immediate priorities from mid-term priorities, and establishes real accountability for delivering against pragmatic and achievable KPIs.


support or lead change implementation program

Delivering a change program is different for each client, depending on the availability of internal leadership resources.

Real Impact can be involved at this stage either as supportive guides, or as contracted change program leaders.